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    "Rice is the staple food for 65% of the population in India. It is the largest consumed calorie source among the food grains. It becomes necessary to produce quality rice with the latest available technology for the people."

    Varalakshmi Rice Mill was established in 2002 with the ultimate objective to become one of the highest quality rice producers in the market. By then, our first facility was a small plant at Naidupet with production capacity of 2MT/Hour.

    Within a short period of time we have become one of the leading producers of Quality Raw Rice in the market. With our continual operational growth, we, thereby, established our modern processing plant in the name “Sri Varalakshmi Hi-Tech Rice Industries “at Chigurupadu village near Naidupet with production capacity of 4MT/Hour.

    It was modern facility fully equipped with modern machinery which could provide loading/barging at 3,000 – 5,000 metric tons , and large scale silo storage, which could accommodate more than 400 metric tons of rice.

    Quality is the source of life at Varalakshmi Rice Mill. Our commitment to offer only QUALITY rice at any cost made us implement all new milling technology with fully automated process. As a result we adapted to the best Rice Milling technology offered by

  1. MILLTEC Machinery Pvt Ltd ,Bangalore
  2. S.L Engineering Services ,Vizag
  3. VijayaLaxmi Power Control And Automation , Bangalore
  4. Daewon , South Korea
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